Monday, March 5, 2012


For those who are looking for a tutorial, I'm afraid I don't have one today. Instead, I have some news about AMOK, the Annual Melee Of Kindness that myself and many other participated in this weekend! It was a massive success and I'm just floored by the incredible acts of kindness that were done.

My friends Jennie, Tina, and Jaime joined in on the fun. We decided to bring some extra cheer to people's lives by dressing up in costume and giving away fun stuff! The Dollar Store was rather surprised when we stormed in and bought 50 balloons, tons of candy, and bubbles.

Getting the balloons in the car was a lesson in logistics. 

Tina was sporting her AMOK shirt as we shoved the balloons into the two vehicles we brought.

Eventually we had to stuff some in the trunk. 

HAHA! We were finally ready to set forth.

Happiest headrest ever.

Tina was kind enough to act as our official balloon woman. She carried all 50 of them. Poor thing got very tangled a couple of times. 

We paused along the way to pick up six dozen roses as well in varying colors. 

With our haul in hand, and Bailey the dog to help out, we headed down to Little Five Points in Atlanta, GA.

People were VERY excited about the roses...some more than others. 

We gave out candy and met many wonderful people. These sweet girl scouts were selling cookies so of course we bought a box! 

The balloons and flowers went quickly! There were so many smiles and I saw one of the men we gave a rose to then turn right around and give it to a meter maid nearby. Seeing the cheer being spread was amazing. 

We like to think we even started a fashion trend! 

Satisfied with our handiwork, we ensured we left no trash behind and headed out for a well deserved rest. 

With a change of mustache color, of course!

Hope everyone out there in blogland had a wonderful weekend too and that someone made you smile as well. :)