Friday, December 9, 2011

I miss you, sunny beaches!

So here's the first of the gifts I've made during my silence here. This is a present for a good friend of mine. She had always wanted a hemp necklace but wanted something a little more elegant than a shark's tooth or a few chunky beads. I undertook the challenge and decided to go with a more beachy theme.

I made this over the course of a few days, working for about an hour a night on it. I've never actually done any macrame before so this was a first for me. I knew I would need a good pattern though so I followed the incredibly helpful instructions I found here: Patterns! I went with the figure 8 pattern used in this lovely necklace on the site (necklace pattern) but I adapted it to have my nice center piece. I wanted to give the feel of a warm beach so I went with a light, sand-colored hemp and then chose accents in pretty deep blues to represent the water. 

Once I'd finished weaving the necklace, I attached a lobster claw clasp at the back to complete it. I then took thin beading string and looped on little clusters of 2-3 freshwater pearls in that same pretty blue. I tied them to the hemp weave here and there like jewels on the sea floor. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result and all told the cost was pretty low. The pearls and pendant were from Michael's Arts and Crafts and I had a 40% off coupon so I got them for really cheap. The hemp can be picked up from almost any craft place though satin ribbon would also be really cute with something like this. 

Have fun crafting!

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  1. Yes, you're right, and thank you for following. Love the necklace, very clever. I look forward to seeing more of your crafty cleverness ! Fiona@justpaintitwhite

  2. Thanks, Fiona! The feeling is mutual and I look forward to seeing how your Christmas crafting goes!


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