Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hey everyone.

Yeah, I know. I've been missing. So here's the quick and dirty: Life got hectic between a new job (YAY!), house hunting that went no where (BOO!), and all of my Random Acts stuff (YAY AGAIN!). My work away from this blog was very important, Random Acts helped raise over $200,000 to help the children of Jacmel, Haiti which you can read all about here. I admit though that I've missed this little blog and the very sweet people I've met here so far.

I haven't stopped crafting though I've not taken many photos of anything. I'll try to remedy that soon. In the mean time I have two other small blogs I'd like to share should anyone be interested in seeing what else I'm up to outside of crafting.

First is the Good News Network

This blog is all about good news around the world. I got really tired of turning on the tv and seeing nothing but sadness and destruction. The news agencies out there know that horrid news sells better than good news but I'm tired of the fear mongering so I went and made a blog to celebrate nothing but the good things. It's my personal little pillow of happiness for the travelers of the Internet so they can rest between all the forum trolls and snarky replies out there. I encourage anyone with stories of kindness or happy news to share it there! I'd love to post simple stories of nice things people do for each other so even if it's just a simple act of kindness, I'd love to hear about it!

The second blog is my personal workout blog. Yeah, I know, you're probably thinking "Ew. That's got to be boring" but I assure you, it's not countless photos of me in workout gear looking perfect with make-up and such. It's my personal running diary of my preparation for the Tough Mudder competition and I'm keeping it very real with my own brand of humor. That means you guys get to hear about it when I'm kicking butt AND when I break down and stuff my face with brownies. There's no perfection there. No pretense. Just honesty. It's my Personal Mirror and I'm holding it up to myself to see if I can break even my own expectations. 

 If you want to join me for this journey, I'll be posting recipes along the way too. 

I hope all of you have a wonderful day and I've missed you guys. 

It's good to be back.


  1. Glad to have you back !!! I'm off for a whole friggin week !!! Can you believe I actually got off?!?! STILL have only hired ONE person. So far three no shows and one worked for a day and bailed... LOL... Heading up to the NC mountains. CYA, DJ

    1. :/ Sorry to hear things aren't any better at my old workplace. Hope either they get you better help soon or you find something 10x better. :)

  2. We've missed you too - nice to have you back Otter, and now you're writing a second blog. How do you find the time !

    1. As you can tell by the lateness of this reply, not easily. ;) It's worth it though and the Good News Network blog makes me smile every morning so I always look forward to updating it!


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