Saturday, June 30, 2012

Turtles Are Love

Nothing huge here but I thought I'd share this with you all.

This is a cute quick design I made for my sister and step-mom. You see, my father loved turtles and after his passing, we've all sort of bonded over them. There was something so ridiculous about the adorableness of seeing this big, bald, military veteran on his motorcycle with two saddlebags filled with...turtles. He would find injured ones here and there, nurse them to health, and then lovingly transport them all the way down to North Carolina where he could set them free in areas they would be less likely to encounter people again. 

Once he'd passed away, we all latched onto that image because in so many ways it represented the caring, sweet man we all missed. Over this past Christmas, both my sister and step-mom asked if I'd make them a magnet to go on the dishwasher which had a dirty turtle and a clean one. This is my gift to them.

Feel free to print this out and use for your own home if you want. I just ask that it not be posted ANYWHERE else without my permission. If you'd like to print one yourself, you can find the large print ready version here


  1. So cute - unfortunately the dishwasher here is ME - lol. If anyone else does it, I have to put half the stuff back and do it again !
    A woman's work is never done !!!
    Hope you're well, happy, not too busy. Any belly-dancing on You Tube ?

  2. LOL!! Well, I'm sorry to hear my happy turtles won't be able to help you out much but I'm glad they made you smile. I haven't put any of my dancing up on youtube yet but that might change soon. To help my non-profit company hit 10,000 followers on Twitter, I offered to let my other staff pick something embarrassing for me to do should they hit the mark by 3pm today. They've already discussed making me dance out in public.


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