Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I friggin' LOVE sales

So I've been reluctant to post new things on my blog here because I didn't have photos for it all yet but meh, no one's reading this but me anyway so I'm going to just run with it.

Warning: I ramble a bit after the jump so if you hate text...stay away. >__>

I have to admit I love crafting something fierce. When I'm down or feeling blech, nothing cheers me quite like making something with my hands. I love that thrill of seeing a finished project.

My poor hubby gets a little frustrated with me because I tend to collect things. Nothing like you'd expect, no stamps or plates or knick-knacks that can decorate a mantle. No, I collect random stuff. If it inspires me in some way, I want to collect it and keep it where I can see it. Fortunately I have a big ol' sunroom that acts as my art studio and all my random stuff goes in there. I am not an overly organized person though and I tend to make a mess in there. I let it get bad enough to drive me nuts and then go on a cleaning spree like some kind of rabid animal. I'm getting better about organization however and have figured out ways to help make that more of a part of my life. It's nice to have all the supplies I need for crafting in one place though I'll never admit it to the hubby. He's been trying to convince me to organize more for years. >__> That poor man.

Recently his gentle nudging has paid off and I have gotten a bug to make my living space not only more homey and comfy but also more organized. My project this past Saturday was to do something about the massive box of medical supplies sitting in my husband's closet. Other people have an emergency supply kit consisting of some bandaids and gauze. Not us. My husband is an EMT in training so we have a metric TON of medical supplies for emergencies. You're eye is hanging out? Oh hey, I've got just the supplies for that. Your leg is cut off? Yup, we've got you covered. We even have the stuff to hook you up to an IV while waiting for an ambulance. I hav to admit that I like knowing all that stuff is handy but it was all piled in a box before. Had there been an actual emergency, I would have spent 15 minutes frantically tossing gauze, stethescopes, and ace bandages over my shoulder looking for what I needed.

I set out on a mission to fix this on Saturday. Have I mentioned recently I love sales? I do. I love them. I was on the lookout for some way to put all this mess into a system I could access in an instant when I noticed that Michael's Arts and Crafts (which I also love) was having a sale. I had to stop in of course and there I found these funky, adorable photo boxes at 5 for $10!!!!! FIVE FOR TEN!! Can you believe it?? They're from the Recollections collection and were covered in a damask pattern that I fell for instantly. I also happened to have a 20% off coupon that worked on sale items so they were even LESS. I bought 10 of them and rushed home to complete my task. The hubby and I dumped out all the supplies and sorted them out into groups. Each box is now labeled with the name of the supplies in it. No more will I reach for a bandaid only to have to sort through ten tons of burn ointment tubes. We have them all stacked up along the bathroom counter right now until I can clean out some space in the closet for them. They don't look bad at all where they are though.

I shall have to see what ELSE I can organize more. :)

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