Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission Statement...or something like that.

Well, it's official. I set up a blog. Do I expect many people to read this? No, not really. I'm setting this up mostly because I like to craft quite a bit and while there's a TON of other crafting blogs out there much better than my little corner of the blogosphere (seriously, you should go search for those cause there are some EPIC ones out there) I have been asked many a time to share how I made something. Thus, this lovely little blog is born. ^__^ Most of you who will see this are friends and family of mine, so you already know me. For those who have stumbled here by accident, allow me to offer my consolations on your getting utterly lost in the internet. Also allow me to introduce myself.  I go by the nickname Otter among most of my friends but you can also call me Becca.

I'm a prior service military member, a craft FIEND, an amateur writer, a photographer, and a digital artist. This blog is mostly going to show some of the random crafts I make and how you too can make them. I'll be linking to a LOT of sites that I get inspiration from so this blog also acts as a sort of link holder for me that I can reference back to when I need to re-find something awesome. ;)

I hope you enjoy the randomness I'll be throwing your way.


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