Thursday, December 8, 2011


So it's been forever since I've updated, I know. This blog is really just me dumping my brain onto the internet anyway but I've been busily crafting away and thought it was about time I updated here. I'll have some new tutorials soon on a few things like a Glass Button Bracelet, Ribbon Necklace, and more for anyone with enough patience to actually watch this blog. I the meantime, I've been happily crafting my heart out for the holidays.

I think homemade gifts are heavily underrated in today's very consumerist society. Like everyone else, I used to get all wrapped up in the fear and guilt of not getting a 'good enough' present for those I cared about. What if they got me something better? What if they paid more? What if I can't find that rare stuffed rhinoceros beetle wielding a tiny sword that they wanted so badly?! I would stress and wind up putting myself into more and more debt. Well, this year that hasn't been an option and I have to say I'm almost grateful for it. I'm the breadwinner in my family right now and things have been very tight, I'm not afraid to admit. I know that I'm not the only one facing this issue right now either and there's nothing to be ashamed of in that. The shame only comes in thinking that you have to buy someone an expensive present for it to be appreciated.

When I made this decision, I was a little scared of it. I kept imagining that people would be angry with me, that they'd feel ripped off for having given more than they felt they received and there's plenty of negative comments on blogs out there about how homemade presents just aren't as good to give once you graduate from middle school. Thus when I finally broke down and informed my friends and family that I just couldn't afford to get them a lot of presents this year, I was all prepared for the pitchforks and torches I had convinced myself would be coming. The response from my loved ones was overwhelmingly positive though and I found myself shamed for having thought that they'd react any different. Not only did they all understand my position, they all seemed thrilled at the idea that I would take so much of my time to make them something!

So if you're stressing out and trying to figure out how you're going to take out another mortgage this year to pay for gifts, stop, relax, and try to ask yourself "Who am I buying a present for that wants to see me broke and in debt just so they can get a better present?" I'm pretty sure you won't have anyone that comes to mind when you put it that way and if someone does come to mind, are they really someone you want to buy something for anyway?

Anyway, with all that rambling done, I'll wrap up by saying that homemade is the way to go and I think I'll be keeping this tradition from here out. If you're looking for some fun ideas for presents, there's a ton of great blogs and sites with amazing ideas. I'll post the links below. Over the next few days I'm going to try to highlight some of the gifts I wound up making for those I love as well so I hope they inspire you!

Great sites for present ideas:

Madigan Made  - This woman has so much talent, it's leaking out her ears. GREAT place for simple ideas.
Dollar Store Crafts - If you're on a very tight budget, this is a fun place to get ideas on the cheap.
Tip Junkie - If you don't know about this site, welcome to blogland for surely you must be new here. ;)
Pintrest - Another classic with amazing ideas and links galore!

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