Monday, December 12, 2011

Ribbon Necklace

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I'm spending most of this week in classes for about 12 hours a day as I work on getting my Cisco Certified Network Associate certifications. YAY! I've been super worried about this upcoming test but it's the next logical step on my path toward a better career. I won't bore you with that though. Let's get to the fun stuff life crafting! I had mentioned I made presents for people this year instead of buying them for Christmas and I wanted to share some ideas that you can use. Here's a quick, simple idea for a neat necklace that really has some big impact.

Wanna know how to make it? 

It's pretty simple all told. It's just a piece of damask ribbon though any would work. I wanted to go for a delicate French impression though so the swirls of damask just called to me. I picked up a pack of ribbon clasps from Michael's along with some lengths of chain and a pretty hanging photo ornament. Yep. That's what that is. It was a Christmas ornament they sold last year and I just turned it into a pendant. So the rest is pretty straight forward. Just measure out your chain and ribbon so that the chains are slightly longer. That allows the pendant to shift a little and I think it just looks cleaner than the ribbon being exactly half of the necklace. I then attached the ribbon clasps on each end of the ribbon, attached the chain with a jumpring, slipped on the pendant, and then attached a lobster clasp at the back to connect the two halves. 

I added a little dangling piece that I made of a marble star, hematite bead, and marble bead on a simple headpin. It just adds that little bit of extra interest. Here's a closer look.

And that's it. Enjoy!

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