Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Little Rain Cloud

While poking around in Pintrest, I found this ADORABLE necklace:

Isn't it wonderful? I knew I wanted one but I didn't have the means to buy one and it's sold overseas so I decided to try my hand at reproducing it. Here's the result. 

I decided not to tier the drops like the original but I might change it up next time I make one. I LOVE how it looks and it was fairly easy to make. Here's what you need. 

1. Strong multipurpose glue. I used 7800 All purpose Adhesive. 

2. A necklace bar with three hanging loops. I got mine from Michael's. They were part of a pack for making three strand necklaces. 

3. Three silver bails.

4. Three blue drops. The original used faceted crystal but I couldn't find any so these were part of a multipack of blue beads. I think they still look lovely.

5. Fine chain. 

6. Needle and white thread. 

7. One cotton ball.

8. Six small jump rings and one large one. (Not pictured)

First, attach the bails to your three droplets. 

Next, cut your chain into three lengths. I went with two the same length and one longer one for the middle but you can tier them however you like. 

Next, use three small jumprings to attach your chains to your bar pendant.

Then, using the other three jumprings, attach your droplets to the ends of the chains. 

I'm so sorry for the blurriness of this photo but hopefully you get the idea here. Just take your cotton ball and unravel it or stretch it out. 

Now lay a thin line of your glue along the bar and press your cotton onto it. Repeat on the other side. Now this doesn't look much like a cloud at this point so lets add a little shaping to it. 

Take your needle and thread, knot one end, and then begin weaving in and out of the cotton, shaping the poof to your liking as you go. The end result should have a puffy shape like this:

And that's it! Now go forth and wear your lovely raincloud even on the sunniest of days! 

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  1. Another supercute necklace - wow you have been busy !
    Patience is a virtue you obviously have in spades xxx

  2. So cute and romantic! Rebecca, I'm now following you also via bloglovin'! We'll be in touch!
    Love, Olga


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