Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas present photos

Sorry I've been rather absent lately. Things are moving a mile a minute in 2012 for me and I'm rushing to keep up with it all. I've been working on a few projects I haven't posted yet (those will be up soon) and I have some photos I wanted to share in the meantime.

There is a lovely young Marine who I met through my husband and as a Christmas present to her, I took some photos. She's one of those really pretty people who doesn't believe for a second that they're pretty. What is up with that? I decided I wanted her to see herself the way we did so I dragged her over to the house and took a bunch of shots. I'm still working on some of them but here's the ones I liked most from the set so far.

Yes, she actually plays the guitar, it's not just a prop. She's pretty darn good with both the bass guitar and the acoustic guitar so I wanted to incorporate those into the shoot somehow. 

I just like the light in this one. I know these aren't perfect or anything but I really liked taking them and I hope when I'm done with the whole set, she'll enjoy them all. 

Maybe I'll even convince her that she's pretty. One can always hope. 

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  1. Humility is a great trait, but that girl is seriously pretty. Lovely photos again Otter. I especially love the first shot - the angle, the light, the hat at a jaunty angle !
    Do a shot like that of me and you would see three double chins lol !!!
    Hopefully you will be able to convince her to change her mind x


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