Friday, January 27, 2012

Treasure Chest necklace

If you hadn't noticed from my last post, I have a weakness for tiny things. I'm the kind of person that runs squealing into a Sanrio store because I just know they'll have itty bitty staplers, tape rolls, pencils, ect that I can coo over. I also have a strange love of secrets and surprises. I've always loved treasure hunts and hidden spots. Some day my home will be filled with secret nooks and crannys where I'll hide cute things just so I can utterly forget they're there and surprise myself later. 

Yes. I know that's weird. Moving along. 

With my love of little hidden treasures, it was no wonder my heart swooned when I found this tiny chest pendant. 

I knew I had to have it so I snapped it up and string together this fast necklace with spacer beads and little gold and silver ammonites. I wanted to create an undersea treasure feel and the tiny sea critter charms just did the trick for me. 

No treasure chest would be complete without a trove inside it though.

I filled the chest with a little nugget of gold, some dice to honor the gambling pirates who lost this chest, and a few silver stars because...well, stars are treasure to me. ^__^ 

It's simple but pretty and I love it dearly. 

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I absolutely love it too, it's just gorgeous - you must have so much patience Otter, and very small hands !!!


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