Friday, January 6, 2012

Really Wonderful Day

It's only 6 days into the new year and already I feel like it's going to be amazing. Some of the things I've worked hardest on are finally coming to fruition and I'm just so excited! In my New Year's post, I offered some of my resolutions and one of them was to get my Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. 

Well, today, after months of studying, I finally took the test. 

I almost ACED it. I got a 986 out 1000 possible points!


Ahem. Anyway, I'm heading out with my loving husbird tonight (I'm his wife-critter) and we're going to celebrate. :) Before we headed out though, I wanted to just say a huge thank you to Fiona over at Just Paint It White. She's a fantastic blogger and is just getting started but I knew from the start that I'd be impressed and she hasn't let me down. She's been a great source of inspiration and comments constantly on my humble blog entries. Her transformation in her kitchen is awe-inspiring so go check her out! 

To top it off, when I got home, I discovered that she'd actually given me an award too! It was super sweet of her and I love this award because it's also about doing nice things for others. To accept the award, you have to be willing to pass it on. I think that's a really sweet idea. Who doesn't like getting awards? 

Now in order to accept this, I need to do two things: 

1. I need to tell you five things about myself so here they are. 

a. I've only been bellydancing for less than 6 months and I love it dearly. I have a show coming up in March.

b. I got the nickname Otter from my husband.

c. I often doodle little otter cartoons for my husbird and he adores them. They're like private jokes between the two of us. 

d. I am not so secretly a 5 year old. I laugh at inane things and have little shame. ^____^

e. I very rarely ever watch tv. I tend to get a LOT more done that way.

2. The other thing I need to do is to pass this along to 5 other bloggers. Now, I'm going to change this up a little in that I'm not going to require them to also pass it along. I think they should be allowed to make that decision on their own but I'm happy to give them the award regardless and if they desire to pass it to others, then that's entirely up to them. :)  I wish I could give this right back to Fiona too because I love her blog!!

Five Bloggers I Think Deserve This

Katie at Matsutake

While not a new blog, she is definitely a source of inspiration to me. I constantly pin things from her and her stuff is ADORABLE. 

Stephanie over at Junker Newbie

She's super sweet and she has some seriously great ideas. She's also started a link party and her blog is really starting to come into it's own!

Mindie at Bacon Time

How can I not love a woman with a good sense of humor? She's funny, sweet, and very giving to other bloggers. :) Go give her stuff a look!

Karin at Art Is Beauty
Karin is very talented in so many areas. She not only crafts but paints as well and I'm duly impressed by her work. She also always replies to comments and that means a lot. 

Beth at Alyssabeths

Her style is just too adorable and she's always putting up inspirational photos not to mention she has a really interesting travel log of the places she goes as she wanders about Germany. :)

So that's it! Enjoy ladies! You deserve it. 


  1. I can't believe that you did this post so quickly - it took me hours.
    Also BIG APOLOGIES - I should have asked you about your exam result, as I read your post yesterday. In my defence I went out last night, but that's a lame excuse - so HIP HIP HOORAY WELL DONE. And what an amazing result !!! I'm very proud of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (Bec, what's it for, I mean what are you actually studying, I have been meaning to ask for ages as this means nothing to me - more apologies if I haven't been paying attention and this offends you !)
    Hope you and your husband had a lovely evening x

  2. Otter, it is a pleasure to meet you thanks to Fiona from Paint it White. You deserve a double congratulation, one for the perfect exam and the other for being awarded as Blog on Fire!!
    We will see us around!

  3. Congrats on the exam and award. Thank you for your kind words. You made my day.

  4. Congratulations on the exam! Good job.


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