Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hunt Begins

Let me preface this post with one simple fact. I currently live in an apartment. 

It's a nice enough apartment but it has no yard and very little daylight.

Seriously. This place has a ton of windows...and they all face every direction but the ones where the sun is. 

Not to mention that I spend every day looking at blogs chock full of wonderful ideas that I can't do. I don't own the apartment! I can't do much with the paint on the walls. I have little space to put in some of the neat organization ideas I see. Did I mention my craft room has spiders? Big ones. HUGE black ones that like to set up nests behind my desk no matter how many times I spray them, clean, complain to the apartment manager that I'm going to be killed by them.

(Pretty much this size. Are they Black Widows? Maybe, they look like it but I don't get that close.)

It's honestly gotten so bad I'm kind of getting blase' about them being in there. I recently threw away my work desk while trying to re-organize my craft room only to find a whole nest of the huge black monsters living behind it. I was barefoot. This did not faze me in the least. I just killed them, sprayed so much insecticide that I'm sure I'll mutate later, and then carried on. Is this sad? Probably. It's also a HUGE sign I need to move.

With the real estate market being what it is, I have finally, and at long last, convinced the husbird that we need to buy a house now. What we pay in rent could instead be a mortgage payment and with both of us being veterans we already have an in on a good loan with ridiculously low rates. 

With all this excitement and running around looking for a new home, I wasn't having much time for blogging, thus my relative silence on here. SO, I decided to remedy that by blogging about my house hunt! WOO! I can't be the only person out there that's looking for a first time home so maybe some of my trial and adventures can help others. Or at least give someone a good laugh. 

The husbird and I have a few homes picked out to do a walk through on soon and this is the one I like most so far. Sadly there's isn't much parking and not much of a yard BUT...

Just LOOK at this master bath! So much potential here. Is that a jacuzzi tub you see? Why yes. Yes it is. 


Not that I'm excited about that at all or anything. *cough* 

This is the one the husbird loves. I admit, that front yard is nice.

He really likes it because of the back yard though. 

It sits on about a half acre so there's plenty of garden room. Pre-fenced is also nice because we want a dog. 

And I also admit, dual decks in the back is a nice touch...

But the bathroom is tiny and there's no jacuzzi tub. 

No, I'm not ashamed to admit I really want that jacuzzi tub. I also don't care for tripping over my toilet on the way in and out of the shower. >__< Still, I'm up for going to look at it at least. 

So what do you guys think? Any recommendations for a first time homebuyer? 


  1. Otter - there is a huge spider on my blogroll. ME DON'T LIKE IT. Seriously, I had to scroll down with my eyes closed, to get passed the great big b....r up there on this post. YOU MUST move out soon - I couldn't even go near one to kill it, and don't like even looking at a picture !
    Phew, onto house hunting. You will both know, within one minute of walking into a house that it is the house for the TWO of you.
    I think the first one is cuter, and a lady HAS to have a big bathroom. I love a large garden as well, but they do need more looking after.
    Our dog loves the garden, but much prefers going for a walk, to check out the neighbourhood !
    My advice - go find the house you both LOVE (and no more pictures of spiders, pretty please).

  2. Hard decision...hmmm. I think the first one seems a little "happier" a place!
    Love, Olga

  3. Good Luck! house hunting can be fun and also stressful! Just don't jump into anything you are not 100% sure of. Remember to note things you can change pretty easily like paint or flooring...and things you can't like placement of a bathroom tub! You will know the house when you walk least I did our house spoke to me...I heard its cries for salvation! It is a happy lil place now :-) Be sure to share your progress!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your trials and adventures as first-time homebuyer. Did you get that lovely house? You seemed to like it very much, so I could only assume it’s the one for you. Calvin @

  5. I can only imagine how hard it is to look for a new place to live, especially when you’ve been visiting awesome houses like that. How’s your house hunting? I assume you already moved into your new house. If not, try working with reliable realtors and trustworthy mortgage companies to own your dream house as soon as possible. Any updates? :)

    Kevin Fritz


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